• Something Special

    All our delicious hand-made cakes, gateaux and patisseries are a taste sensation using traditional recipes and authentic methods achieving an international reputation. All our cakes made by experienced pastry chefs individually and hand finished. Patisserie Sowa cakes can be made in any size and decorated with specialized finishing.

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  • Special occasion cakes

    Wedding Cakes for your special day

    We have been creating chocolate wedding cakes for many years. Initial enquiries for wedding cakes should be made to one of our wedding cake specialist branches at Ealing Brodway. When you\'ve placed your order, you can collect your wedding cake or we are now offering delivery.

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  • Wide range of cakes

    and gateaux.

    All of our cakes are handmade daily by our expert bakers and Patissier using only fresh ingredients and traditional baking methods. You can add a personalised message to the cakes - for cakes with fruit on top this will be a sugar scroll, otherwise your message will be written on the cake.

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  • We are now offering delivery.

    Order or create your cake and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Please remember to order your cake at least 5 days before the desired delivery date. We deliver on Fridays and Saturdays but if you have a special requirement for a delivery please contact us on tel. 020 8567 7707 or mob. 077 3052 7782

From Christenings and Birthdays to Engagement Celebrations, we have created celebration cakes for virtually every occasion you could imagine!

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Welcome to Patisserie Sowa
The Queen Patisserie

Our tradition dates back to the first half of the 20th century. That’s when my father, using original, home recipes, started to manufacture his own, branded bakery goods. As an old saying goes, that ‘one cannot live by bread alone’, soon it was obvious that his customers also like to treat themselves with a little bit of sweetness. I remember this time quite well. Tempted by the exceptional aromas and involved in intensive help, soon I was truly convinced to join our family business. Times weren’t easy, but hard work, commitment and a bit of luck helped us to gain acclaim and yet more satisfied clients, also far beyond our region. With each and every little step, together, we’ve managed to create our original style and a brand new confectionery quality.

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